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I visualize shapes.

They just come to me, sometimes in dreams, and sometimes inspired by things I see in nature. I think it's like when a musical tune comes to you, or you just make one up. You start to hum, whistle, or sing, and it makes you feel good. In a similar way, three-dimensional shapes are like a symphony for me. There's a musical quality there, the lines flow, there is rhythm. Look at an orchid, you'll hear music. Pick up a sea shell, you'll feel movement.

As a young boy I was fascinated by the wild, strange, exotic plants my grandfather grew in his huge glasshouse. You could almost see the fluids of life pushing through the stalks and vines. You could feel the energy flowing into the shape of a new flower or leaf. At about the same time, I marveled at the sensual organic shapes of custom Italian and British race cars of the era. Eventually, I learned to develop those shapes from stainless steel and bronze, and started to merge two worlds.

With these influences, I develop abstract organic shapes that my imagination informs me is how metal might look if it were alive, growing out of the ground. Everything I make is, by definition, artificial, synthetic, man-made. I wouldn't even attempt to reproduce nature. So I celebrate the fusion of man-made, and natural, living organisms.

To inquire about price and availability, or learn about upcoming metal shaping classes, you can contact:

Bill Wentworth,, 360-621-8107, or

I've had the pleasure of fabricating sculptures designed by the following artists (see the "Work for Other Artists" page):


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